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15 november, 2012 Kl.9:51

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  1. I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it unatnsearddble.

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  6. This would be” the ultimate” for my daughter, even though she is only thirteen she talent beyond her years in fashion. I’ve taken her designs to the design and technology centre where we live and they have told me she is extremely talented and the ability to become a great designer.She has been making things for her toys sine the age of 7.

  7. Din pacate orasul meu mic nu-mi permite sa ma duc de cate ori as vrea la circ, desi imi place mult. Ceea ce ai vazut tu sigur a fost un spectacol veritabil insa ce vezi la circ “mobil” e mult diferit.

  8. Jerry,Thank you for sharing those resources and please feel free to share them on any post! You are absolutely right that students should reflect and create goals and action plans! This is vital to their personal learning as well!