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16 oktober, 2012 Kl.12:59

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  1. On internet you may find many alrectis explaining why the Standard Arabic does not match the required qualities to teach sciences and fails in producing propre translations and modern literature.On this there is a beautiful clip by the Syrian poet Adonis on memri. Cela va de soi he lives in Paris.It is not only islam, the Arabic makes it double difficult.Persian, Urdu, Turkish underwent the necessary modernization, Standard Arabic did not! And Standard Arabic does not make you a good student of Classical Arabic either.The only solution seems to be splitting Arabic on regional basis and give it a natural flow based on Syrian, Iraqi, Egyptian etc. natural tendencies.Compare English – just like Urdu – freely adopting vocabulary from many sources, thus keeping some flexible touch with reality on various continents.Never think Arabic can work like Spanish, Russian etc. It is amazing…