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1 november, 2012 Kl.9:59 Osorterat

Ta chansen att bemanna tangentbordet på Bookie-bloggen under en vecka! Skicka ett mail till, senast 9 november och berätta om varför just du ska bli vår bloggkompis. Gästbloggandet börjar sedan den 19 november.
Kan du svara ”ja” på följande frågor är det en bra start:

Gillar du böcker?
Gillar du böcker jättemycket? Kanske så mycket att du kallar dig bokberoende?
Gillar du att berätta för andra om vad du har läst?
Har du en rolig, tokig, allvarlig, seriös eller insiktsfull vinkel på böcker och litteratur?


Välkomna till vår blogg!  Agneta & Hanna

40 kommentarer

40 kommentarer till Bli vår gästbloggare!

  1. Åååååh, det vore så gaalet roligt! Hur många inlägg förutsätts man skriva under en vecka?

    • Jag ska höra med redaktionen, återkommer!

    • Minst ett inlägg per dag förväntas.

    • An inntlligeet answer – no BS – which makes a pleasant change

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    • that children and spouses were off limits, which showes class, that those adults on Free Republic seriously lack. And for you to make that type of comment as if it is okay and play this BS tit for tat that never happened in the first place on this blog is disgusting and appalling. You should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking like that. That's sick!!!

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    • been heavy on my mind lately, so to be greeted by that old familiar Bakersfield-type fog over our new neighborhood was comforting. After filling out my absentee ballot and handing it off to my diligent husband to

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    • Your’s is a point of view where real intelligence shines through.

    • Awesome post, Carly! I hope it's as helpful for other readers as it was for me. By the way, I love how you totally get that there IS a big difference between skinny, cigarette, and straight leg jeans. I'm hooked on your blog for sure!

  2. Låter ju som skrivet för mig! 🙂
    Undrar också lite som Camilla ovan…
    Och vad består uppdraget av? Att boktipsa hej vilt eller någon speciell inriktning?

    • Your posting really stteeghranid me out. Thanks!

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    • trent.. I enjoyed this very much and I enjoyed the links to the music as well. Glad you are ahem, humming along this morning. Thank you for your thoughts on my blog this morning as well. You are on fire todayAudra

    • I've learned more about the Regency period of English history than one person should ever know about something so historically minor… and to expect a lot from a guy. Which is good.

    • Those are awesome! They work for you young girls, for we middle agers…I only allow mirrors from the stomach up in this house. Anything else makes me cry. Great tutorial and photos!!!!!!

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    • Love them all..I should try the eggplant one day, with minced chicken. (and I know what you mean with following instructions/recipe religiously. my hubs does the same, as though he's working in a chemistry lab).

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  6. Alexander, thank you for your comment and sorry for such a late response! You could try to slow-bake these in your oven at about 118F and they would still stay raw. I know that's not a very practical option, as it's tough to keep an oven on for such long periods of time. You could also try to bake them at a higher temperature and in quicker time, but I couldn't tell you exactly what temperature and how long. You would have to play around with it.

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  9. Beh, Paolo, ma perché ti stupisci? Nel 1977 Microsoft non esisteva ancora, e quando é nata Voyager1 era abbastanza lontana da impedire a zio Bill di fare danni!!!!:-))

  10. Albin (26 comments) dit : 28 octobre 2012 à 21 h 17 minSalut Cédric,tant pis Cédric, merci pour ta réponse. Je vais chercher de mon côté.A bientôt,Albin Répondre

  11. a proposito di Enlightenment, volevo segnalarti linuxpedia, ha una bella sezione che ne parla .. magari ancora un po’ incompleta in alcuni punti ma basta registrarsi per poter dare un contributo! Intanto aspetto impaziente il “materiale” che hai intenzione di pubblicare!

  12. I love reading these articles because they’re short but informative.

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