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17 december, 2012 Kl.9:37

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  1. Good to find an expert who knows what he’s taklnig about!

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  7. Hyvä kuulla, että Mindy on edes virkeämpi ja seuranhaluisempi nyt. Toivottavasti enää ei oteta takapakkia paranemisessa. Muistakaahan itsekin välillä syödä niin jaksatte paremmin hoitaa ja syöttää potilastakin 🙂

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  11. Hey Audi, I have a question/post idea for you! What brands would you recommend for cute and yet comfortable shoes? I'm probably going to be getting another job soon where I'm on my feet a lot and it seems like you're always aware of these totally random-ass but awesome shoe brands. Also, for some reason, the text is superimposed over the words on this post. I'm using Chrome – kind of makes it hard to read.

  12. Well, since my daughter started having seizures, she hasn’t been the same child. I don’t know if it’s the medication or the age (4 1/2), but it’s been extremely difficult. (Think Super Nanny difficult.) The problem is that it’s not all of the time. One moment, she’s sweet as can be, and the next, she’s turned into a mini tyrant. That doesn’t go over with me at all. I’m praying for no more seizures so that we can take her off the medication at the end of the year and get our daughter back.Great interview, Faith.Marci

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  14. Vilken super tävling, precis vad jag behöver! Vi har störst problem med förvaring och svÃ¥righeter med ”var sak har sin plats” vilket ger en rörigt intryck av vÃ¥rt hus. SvÃ¥rt att hitta pÃ¥ smarta lösningar själv, sÃ¥ en second opinion skulle mottas med tacksamhet.

  15. Se, por acaso, tivesse inclinado a ir por esta lista, esta decisão acabou com qualquer forma de votar nela (o factor Zico também não jogava muito a seu favor).

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