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God jul!

24 december, 2012 Kl.7:00 Litteraturen

Den blinda


Med långa levande händer

plockar du högt över ditt huvud

livets alla ljud

likt blomster och gyllene frukter

och mättar din hungrande själ —


(Artur Lundkvist, ur ”Glöd”, 1928)


Jultomten får julklapp












Vi som jobbat med Bookie är tacksamma om ni vill hjälpa oss med en liten utvärdering. (Bookie släcks ned vid årsskiftet.) Det tar max 2 minuter. För att komma till enkäten, var vänlig klicka här.

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  1. A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly, Sixteen-year-old Mattie Gokey has big dreams but litlte hope of seeing them come true. Desperate for money, she takes a job at the Glenmore, where hotel guest Grace Brown entrusts her with the task of burning a secret bundle of letters. But when Grace’s drowned body is fished from the lake, Mattie discovers that the letters could reveal the grim truth behind a murder.Set in 1906 against the backdrop of the murder that inspired Theodore Dreiser’s An American Tragedy, Jennifer Donnelly’s astonishing debut novel effortlessly weaves romance, history, and a murder mystery into something moving, and real, and wholly original. Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause, Blood Chocolate chronicles the longings and passions of one Vivian Gandillon, teenage werewolf. Her pack family, recently burned out of their West Virginia home by suspicious neighbors, has resettled in a sleepy Maryland suburb. At her new school, Viv quickly falls for sensitive heartthrob Aiden, a human or meat-boy, as her pack calls him. Soon she is trying to tame her undomesticated desires to match his more civilized sensibilities. But Vivian’s animal ardor cannot be stilled, and she must decide if she should keep Aiden in the dark about her true nature or invite him to take a walk on her wild side. How To Kill A Rock Star by Tiffanie Debartolo, Written in her wonderfully honest, edgy, passionate and often hilarious voice, Tiffanie DeBartolo tells the story of Eliza Caelum, a young music journalist, and Paul Hudson, a talented songwriter and lead singer of the band Bananafish. She moves to New York from her native Cleveland and finds herself sharing a tiny apartment with Paul, her brother’s disarmingly sexy best friend and bandmate. Eliza’s reverence for and obsession with rock is equaled only by Paul’s. When big things start happening for Paul and Bananafish, Eliza has to face her terrors and make a choice that could change her life forever. Nick and Norah’s Infinate Playlist byRachel Cohn and David Levithan, In NICK NORAH’S INFINITE PLAYLIST, Rachel Cohn and David Levithan introduce us to Nick O’Leary and Norah Silverberg, two teens whose lives revolve around music to such an extent that it becomes the compass that guides their direction. When Nick spots his most recent ex-girlfriend with a new guy and, in an effort to make her jealous, asks the first girl he sees to pretend to be with him for five minutes. This simple five-minute date serves as the springboard that takes the couple around New York City on an intense Saturday all-nighter filled with exes, secret concerts, shared favorites, borscht, and an overriding (if also elusive) sense that Nick and Norah might actually be able to defy the odds and make a meaningful connection. The Princess Bride by William Goldman, The Princess Bride is a true fantasy classic. Filled with Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Poison. True love. Hate. Revenge. Giants. Hunters. Bad men. Good men. Beautifulest ladies. Snakes. Spiders. Beasts of all natures and descriptions. Pain. Death. Brave men. Coward men. Strongest men. Chases. Escapes. Lies. Truths. Passion. Miracles. Unwind by Neal Shusterman, In a society where unwanted teens are salvaged for their body parts, three runaways fight the system that would unwind them. Connor’s parents want to be rid of him because he’s a troublemaker. Risa has no parents and is being unwound to cut orphanage costs. Lev’s unwinding has been planned since his birth, as part of his family’s strict religion. Brought together by chance, and kept together by desperation, these unlikely companions make a harrowing cross-country journey, knowing their lives hang in the balance. 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson, Here’s the deal: Aunt Peg, the New York artist and the person Ginny Blackstone depended on to make her life interesting, took off to Europe without a word three years ago. Aside from a few postcards, Ginny hasn’t heard much. Then she gets a horrible phone call that changes everything.But the story is only beginning. Soon after, Ginny receives one litlte blue envelope from Aunt Peg containing a thousand dollars and some very strange instructions… Girl At Sea by Maureen Johnson, This is the summer Clio has waited for her whole life. School is out. She’s gotten a great job. And she’s just met the guy of her dreams. Things could not be better.It’s about time something remotely normal happened to her. Named after the muse of history, quasi-famous at eleven for making a board game with her father, touring the world in questionable style at twelve it’s been an odd journey so far. Some of it sounds good on paper. Lots of things sound good on paper. It doesn’t mean they actually are Abarat by Clive Barker, Teenage Candy Quackenbush has always dreamed of escaping the small town where she lives with her depressed mother and abusive, alcoholic father. That escape comes unexpectedly when she meets John Mischief and becomes the keeper of a keythe key that holds all hope for the future of Abarat, a group of islands in a parallel universe. New York Times best-selling author Clive Barker brings his unique vision to childrens literature and creates a fantastical world that rivals Wonderland and Narnia. That doesn’t tell much about it, but it’s an AMAZING book! Make sue you get the hardcover version though!!! If you liked the first one be sure to check out the next book in the series Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War.Daughters of Destiny series: Keeper of the Winds by Jenna Solitaire, After the death of her grandfather, nineteen-year-old Jenna Solitaire finds an ancient wooden board hidden away in the attic of his house. Scorched by fire and covered in mysterious symbols, the board fascinates her and scares her at the same time. As does Simon Monk, the handsome stranger who has come into her life, claiming to know about the board. Even more frightening is the voice whispering in Jenna’s head, calling her Keeper .Does Jenna have the power over winds, as Simon claims?Is she truly a Daughter of Destiny? If you enjoyed the first one check out the next three books in the series. Keeper of the Waters, Keeper of the Flames and Keeper of the Earth. Sabriel by Garth Nix, Sabriel is the daughter of the Mage Abhorsen. Ever since she was a tiny child, she has lived outside the Wall of the Old Kingdom far away from the uncontrolled power of Free Magic, and away from the Dead who won’t stay dead. But now her father is missing and Sabriel is called upon to cross back into that world to find him. Leaving the safety of the school she has known as home, Sabriel embarks upon a quest fraught with supernatural dangers, with companions she is unsure of for nothing is as it seems within the boundary of the Old Kingdom. There she confronts an evil that threatens much more than her life, and comes face to face with her hidden destiny If you enjoyed the first book check out the next books in the series, Lirael, Abhorsen and Across the Wall. Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson, WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE. Do not put this book down. I’m dead serious your life could depend on it. I’m risking everything by telling you but you need to know. STRAP YOURSELF IN for the thrill ride you’ll want to take again and again! From Death Valley, California, to the bowels of the New York City subway system, you’re about to take off on a heart-stopping adventure that will blow you away YOUR FAITHFUL COMPANIONS: Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman, and Angel. Six kids who are pretty normal in most ways except that they’re 98 percent human, 2 percent bird. They grew up in a lab, living like rats in cages, but now they’re free. Aside, of course, from the fact that they’re prime prey for Erasers wicked wolf-like creatures with a taste for flying humans. THE MISSIONS: Rescue Angel from malicious mutants. Infiltrate a secret facility to track down the flock’s missing parents. Scavenge for sustenance. Get revenge on an evil traitor. And save the world. If there’s time If you like the first one check out the next three, School’s Out-Forever, Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, The Final Warning. You could also try His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels and The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray, or The Riddles of Epsilon by Christine Morton-Shaw.