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9 september, 2012 Kl.19:48

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  1. All of my questions setaled-thtnks!

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  9. Dear Mr. RajakumarLet me tell you a little something Jawad hasn’t. Jawad and Waseem are already close friends. So close that they eat, work, laugh, conspire and do everything together. That team-work is one of the main reasons that both of them excelled in their fields so rapidly.The reason you don’t see Jawad’s articles much often is that he is redesigning ZZZ Network’s all sites and he also has his own blog .

  10. I just read your book from my library and so appreciate the story of what God has done and is doing in, through and for you! I love your willing honesty throughout the process. That is what God wants of all of us. It is how we shall know the truth and is why it (He) can set us free.God bless the work He is doing through you. I really am glad to hear of His using the kindness and truth spoken by others to work through and past your defenses–that and prayer is the only way. Have a good day, sis.

  11. A la suite de cet évènement, on a assisté à des émeutes. Charmant milieu, où le non-droit est la règle, tout autant que la bêtise. Rentrer dans un lieu marqué danger de mort quand on n’a rien à se reprocher, bien entendu, est d’une intelligence rare. Mais si vous me trouvez haineux, allez faire un tour à Grenoble ou des tarés ont assassiné deux gamins pour « un regard de travers »!